Northern Light Health admits female psychologists were paid less than male counterparts in lawsuit brought by Attorneys Carol Garvan and Valerie Wicks

Northern Light Health paid a Bangor psychologist less than 60 percent of what her male colleagues made while she was working at Acadia Hospital, but it was not because of her sex, the hospital system said this week in a court filing.

The court filing came in response to a lawsuit Clare Mundell, who is also a Bangor School Committee member, filed in U.S. District Court in Bangor on Jan. 5. Mundell is seeking unspecified damages for unequal pay, sex discrimination and retaliation.

Mundell’s Augusta-based attorneys, Carol Garvan and Valerie Wicks, said that they were “pleased” that Northern Light confirmed it had paid two male pool psychologists nearly double the salary of Mundell and another female psychologist.

“We are optimistic that the filing indicates a broader willingness to confront and correct pay inequities across Northern Light,” Wicks said.

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