Jeffrey Neil Young and David Webbert Assist Union in Fighting Illegal Closure of Downeast Correctional Facility

Governor Paul LePage closed DCF without legislative approval, and has now agreed, under court order, to minimally staff the prison with 5 guards and a minimal number of inmates.

Young said “Since the department was able to close DCF in a matter of hours, it should be able to restore the status quo by tomorrow. At the very least, the department should place the employees on paid status with back pay.”

“I know the governor’s saying ‘I closed it and it’s going to be closed on June 30 anyway, why bother to reopen?’ Well, two reasons: one, it was unconstitutional of you to close it and our constitution matters and, number two, the Legislature is still voting on extending it and that’s not your decision,” says Webbert. “And those two points were made very clear by the judge. So, to have resistance in the face of a court order is a concern that the executive branch is not complying.”

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