Award of unemployment benefits to FairPoint strikers just result

Read it here. Should employees who go out on strike against their employer receive unemployment benefits? Wouldn’t an award of unemployment benefits prolong labor disputes and unfairly tip the scales of justice in favor of employees over employers? These questions—and more—were raised by claims filed by strikers who participated in the 18-week strike last fall…

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Read it here. First, there was the vacation. Then, with the great recession came lots of talk of the “staycation.” Take the kids to that local museum you’re always vowing to go to, set up the beach chairs and tent in the backyard, or dive into a binge session of Netflix. Not quite the same…

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Will robots take YOUR job?

Read it here. For decades, there have been stories – both real and imagined – about human workers being replaced by machines. You only have to Google “humans replaced by robots” to see scores of headlines about what will happen when robots take our jobs. Articles report that “Robots are replacing us faster than we…

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