Eves’ attorney, David Webbert: LePage lawsuit immunity claims astonishingly broad

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Good morning from Augusta, where there’s new fallout from House Speaker Mark Eves’ lawsuit against Gov. Paul LePage.

As you probably know, the Democrat from North Berwick sued the governor last year over the Republican’s role in forcing Good Will-Hinckley to rescind an employment contract with Eves in 2015.

LePage threatened to withhold $530,000 in state funding unless the Good Will-Hinckley board, which oversees a public charter school in Fairfield, fired Eves. That triggered the possibility of further financial ramifications for the school that could have led to its failure.

In a Feb. 9 filing in U.S. District Court, Eves’ Augusta-based attorney, David Webbert, said the governor’s claims of immunity from the lawsuit are “astonishingly broad,” meaning he would have the power to halt funding on a political whim to any of a number of Maine institutions, from Maine Medical Center in Portland to John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor.

Webbert said “this radical legal theory would concentrate so much power in the hands of the governor that it would revolutionalize Maine’s form of government,” but the governor “is fundamentally wrong about how Maine’s government and its system of checks and balances work.”

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