David Webbert and Carol Garvan, lawyers for the former director of the Zadoc Long Free Library, say her termination was unlawful.

Former Buckfield library director contests her firing

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Lawyers for the former director of the Zadoc Long Free Library say her termination was unlawful.

Bonnie Santos is contesting her firing by Town Manager Cindy Dunn on Jan. 21. The reasons have not been made public. Santos is represented by David Webbert and Carol Garvan of Johnson, Webbert & Young of Augusta. According to Webbert, Dunn gave Santos a four-page letter with her reasons for the termination, but did not initially give Santos an opportunity to respond.

“The town has admitted it has broken its own rules,” Webbert said of the town’s personnel policy. “We hope in light of that we’re going to make things right.”

In a Feb. 2 letter Dunn informed Santos that she had five business days to submit her documents to contest the termination.

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On Feb. 8, Webbert sent a letter by mail and an email to Conway requesting an extension of the Feb. 10 deadline by two weeks, or preferably 30 days, to submit Santos’ documentation because she is recovering from surgery.

“They knew she was about to have surgery right before they terminated her employment,” Webbert said, adding that he has not heard back on the extension request.

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Webbert said he sent a separate document explaining his position on the termination being unlawful. In summary, he claims Santos’ termination violated the town’s personnel policy, the Maine Human Rights Act, including the right to medical leave, the Maine Whistleblowers’ Protection Act, the Maine Family Medical Leave requirement law and the federal constitutional right to due process. He said he had not received a response to that, either.

Dunn confirmed that she received this document from Webbert.

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Santos has been employed with Buckfield since August 2010, first as assistant library director and then as library director. Webbert said Santos was promoted to library director in 2014.

“She had zero discipline in her personnel file. She was there seven years,” he said.

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